Two weeks of updates

I find myself constantly tweaking my training plan, but these last two weeks have gone well.

Last week I ran 7.25 and this week I ran 8. This is a drop from the previous few weeks but I increased my run to 30 minutes straight this week which has been challenging. My plan is to do this for another week before I start adding a longer run on the weekend. Next week I may also add a fourth day of running which will help ramp up my mileage totals.

My weight this week is 154.8. My goal is to be 153 by Wednesday. To help me stick to this goal, I’ve made a contract at http://www.stickk.com which will donate $5 to the anti-charity of my choice if I don’t reach my goal.


Last week was the third week of my “pre-training” phase and my blog. I cut back the total mileage but lengthened each of my runs. I ended the week with 9.5 miles total. I found that my schedule of adding 10 minutes to my daily run was starting to be a little aggressive, so I’m cutting back the days and minutes of running.

My goal this week will be three days of running for a total of 6.5 miles. I will add walking, stationary bike, and strength training to this for extra calorie burn and to balance out the stress of the running on my body.

I’m down a pound from last report making me 156. I will need to watch my weekend restaurant meals and those tempting cocktails in order to get past this number. My goal is to be 154 by Saturday.

Tuesday’s run felt a little harder than Sunday’s even though it was same amount and speed. But I completed it exactly as planned. After I ran I worked on some lower body strengthening to make sure everything keeps working as long as I need it to work.

Wednesday is a rest day. I find that I need a rest day after three or four days of strenuous exercise in a row. Being over (let’s say) 30 makes it a little harder to recover.

Thursday will be another repeat of Tuesday’s run and so will Friday. I’m on target to hit around 12-13 miles for the week.


Sunday’s run went very well. Exceeded all my expectations. I was nervous and almost postponed the run until Monday, but made myself go at the last minute. I reached my goal of running 30 minutes with a 5 minute walk break. I can’t say it was easy but it definitely was not as hard as I expected.

What it felt like was that some type of psychological limit was surpassed. I’ve struggled with running more than 1-2 minutes for months now and now that feels like it is in the past.

On the weight front, I’m putting it out there for accountability. Today I am 157. That’s 13 pounds off my highest weight from last year and 25+ pounds from where I want to be when I run my half-marathon in October–five months from today!

Yesterday was my third run for the week. I completed my 20 minutes of running even though I struggled all day with wanting to skip the gym completely. My legs were achy and I was tired, but I put on my running shoes and made myself go. When I got there I promised myself that if I just did my 20 minutes I would consider it a successful day and would take my rest day on Saturday. So I did it. After my warm-up I stretched and then did my 20 minutes of running plus a total of 15 minutes of walking.

Today (Saturday) is my rest day to get ready for increasing my run length and frequency next week. I will be doing four 30 minute runs next week which seems ambitious but I know I can do it and I know it’s all mental for me right now. It’s not too much for me physically but it certainly will be challenging.

As for my weight loss, this week was a disappointing loss of only .2 pounds. To put a more positive spin on it, I have lost weight consistently for 6 weeks–just not a lot of it. Restaurants, sodium, alcohol and sleep are my challenges and that’s what I’ll be focusing on this week.

Have a great week and I’ll report back after tomorrow’s run.

Since I haven’t been running much in the last two years, I need to work back into it slowly. This week I am doing three runs of 20 minutes each plus a little walking. Today is day three.

Next week will be four days of 30 minute runs. I am excited and scared at the same time. It is easy running–no hills or speed, but it’s more than I’ve done since 2007 so it will take a little while getting my body used to the pounding.

I’m looking forward to today’s run but at the same time I feel the little aches in my legs and hips and I want to go lie down. No matter. I will do it and enjoy a day off tomorrow in preparation for increasing to 30 minutes on Sunday.

Liz CBHM '04

Finishing my first half-marathon

I will use this image to remind myself that I can finish the half-marathon in October.  I’ve done it before!