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I’ve agonized for days over this but finally decided it wasn’t worth trying to run/walk a half that I’m not ready for.  I’m nowhere close to where I wanted to be in terms of body weight, endurance, speed and my back has given up on me for the moment.  I know this is a lame list of excuses.  I’m not giving up — I’m just postponing.  I will not sign up for another race until I’m sure that I’m in some sort of decent shape to start training for it.

Two weeks ago I actually thought I was going to be on schedule to run/walk the whole thing, but last week’s long run was about 75% of what it should have been and left my back in pain for days.  I couldn’t even make the 3.1 miles at the Komen Race on Sunday without a lot of ibuprofin.

So, this is my new goal.  I will run one and maybe two half-marathons next year.


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